The Appraisal Process

I. Determining Use or Purpose of Appraisal

  • Has your insurance company requested an appraisal or do you want to insure your work?
  • Are you donating your work to a charitable institution and need an appraisal for a tax deduction?
  • Are you gifting the work?
  • Is the work or works to be part of Estate Planning for your children?
  • Are you separating or divorcing?
  • Has your work of art been damaged and your insurance company requires an appraisal?
  • Do you want to sell your work?

II. Inspection of artwork(s)

  • Preferably an appointment will be set up so the appraiser can personally inspect the works, but if this is not possible, though preferable, a high-quality, digital image may be used to complete the report.
  • The object is viewed to determine its condition and for cataloging purposes; photographs are also taken at this time.
  • The following information is required for the report:
    • Artist
    • Title
    • Year or Period created
    • Signature
    • Medium
    • Unframed dimensions
    • Provenance

III. Research

  • Once step II is completed, the appraiser will research the relevant and appropriate markets, contact experts if necessary, and gather any pertinent information required to provide an unbiased opinion of value.
  • The report is then written and delivered to the client and upon completion delivered to the client either electronically or a hard copy sent by US mail. All reports are confidential and cannot be shared unless instructed by the client.

Please note that the appraiser is hired to appraise the work of art, not authenticate it. The appraiser can, however, guide the client through the authentication process.

Fees are based on an hourly rate and not on the appraisal value. The hourly rate does not include expenses. A written estimate will be provided based on the scope of the assignment and hours needed to complete the report. A 50% retainer of the estimated fee is required at the time of engagement, with the balance due upon delivery of the report. There is a minimum of 2 hours per project.

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